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Proudly touting itself as a platform for the youth, FM 88 Chakwal has earned a definitive place in the hearts and minds of the youth at large. A radio station that not only plays music, BOL FM 88 has come a long way in urging Generation Y to observe, think, act, and amend. Staying true to its core audience, the channel openly embraces desi vibes and encourages its listeners to do the same by owning the chant DESI & PROUD! This inherent desi-ness is projected with a sense of great pride and has garnered much popularity for a majority of the shows.

With a great mix of music, BOL FM 88 has something for everyone in that it caters to local and global tastes alike. This makes it the ideal companion to unwind with. Not only this, the station takes a stand for what’s right and this in turn, has resulted in a more informed youth demographic.

BOL FM 88 stands for music without barriers; change without rebellion, and information sans an agenda.


  • To Promote nationalism and patriotism keeping our religious values alive

  • To Provide quality entertainment to our listeners

  • To encourage new talent

  • To educate listeners with the latest development

  • To highlight social and economic issues

  • Image building & character through medium

  • To grow with the technology and introduce new ideas

  • Generate revenue to make the company profitable and incredible

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Ph :  0543-552588

Near Allied Park Adjacent to Maghi Road,Rawalpindi Bypass Road Chakwal